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Popular Services

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Chimney Sweeping

removes dangerous, flammable creosote from inside the chimney.

The CSIA recommends yearly inspections for health and safety reasons

Masonry Repairs

returns a deteriorating, unsafe chimney to full code-complying condition quickly and economically


Chimney Caps

lifetime warranted stainless steel caps prevents access by rain or snow, animals, leaves, or other debris

Flue Lining/Relining

prevents deadly carbon monoxide from penetrating through your unlined or deteriorating chimney



Clothes Dryer Vent

annual cleaning of your clothes dryer exhaust duct prevents heat, moisture and, in the case of gas dryers, carbon monoxide from being trapped in your home


System Evaluation and Condition Report 

determine chimney integrity and whether or not your particular installation and chimney system meets current safety standards


WoodStove Installation 

follows local and national building codes and standards



replaces missing or loose mortar in brick chimneys



Aluminum Space & Stainless Steel Chase Tops
replacement or new construction for prefab chimneys


UL Listed Stainless Steel Chimney Lining/Relining System

gives new life to unlined or damaged chimneys that would otherwise have the be rebuiltfrom the ground up


Waterproofing (Repellent)

protects masonry chimneys from rain and water damage


Crown Repair 

prevents water penetration through the top of your chimney and saves major restoration expense




advice and information about your installation and safer burning practices


Smoking & Draft Problems 

effective solutions for fireplaces and woodstoves that cause smoke problems inside your home


Closed-Circuit Video Inspection 

to videotape areas normally hidden from view, deep inside a chimney


Flashing Repair

prevents water penetration between house and chimney


Blockage and Animal Removal

we'll find the problem in your chimney and remove it

All Services

Animal Removal  from Chimney
Blockage Removal 
Brick, Concrete, & Steel Stacks           
Caulking  & Sealing              
Certifications For Condo Associations

  and local regulations                                          
Chimney Building
Chimney Covers, Tops & Caps              
Chimney Repairs
Cleaning Services (Soot Free)             
Code Violation Repairs
Crowns                                                      Damper Installation & Repair
Decorative Fireplaces & Stoves          
Door Installation
Dryer Vent Cleaning  

Fireplace Inserts & Kits
Fireplaces & Hearths                               
Liners                                                         Oil & Gas Flu Cleaning
Outdoor Fireplaces Supplies             
Parts, Accessories & Supplies Rain & Animal Guard Installation    
Remodeling & Refinishing
Repair                                                       Renovations & Restorations        
Screens                                                     Slate
Waterproofing                                        Wood Stoves

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